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If you are interested in having me make you your very own miniature book or other item, I'll be happy to help. Unfortunately, this is more complicated than just making a book and getting paid. Books are copyrighted works and so I cannot sell just any book to any one.

There are some exceptions, though. If you would like a copy of a book that is your own work (for example, if you are an author, an illustrator or a publisher), then I will be more than happy to make a custom book of your work for you. I can also make copies of non-copyright content such as religious texts, public-domain works and works whose copyrights have expired. I can create custom books, such as family-photo books as well. If interested, please contact me using the email button above to discuss the specifics. Due to the manual-labor that goes into every book individually, a custom book typically cost in the range of $35-50 depending on complexity.

If you'd like to order a custom book, here are a few things to consider, which affects the look & feel, as well as the costs:

  1. Content: I can handle any format, but editing and layout take a while, which increases the cost.
  2. Page count: Books beyond 100 pages might look ridiculous, as the thickness is disproportionate to the width and height.
  3. Size: An ideal size is 0.9 x 1.3", but I can produce any size.
  4. Graphics: Books that are full-color graphics require special processing that takes longer.
  5. Cover: I offer many cover options, such as specialty paper, faux-leather and metal.
  6. Cover ornaments: Some books would benefit from some special ornament, like The Neverending Story which has a 3d Auryn.
  7. Add-ons: I have many nice add-ons like a mini magnifier.
  8. Series: Some books work well as a series, like the Old Testament (3 books)
  9. Chain: Mini books work great as jewelry - necklace, earrings, charms. Many options are available.
  10. Gift packaging: My books come in a standard cardboard box with white batting. Other options are available.
  11. Shipping and delivery: I typically ship using USPS, but faster options are available.