About me

My name is Erez, and I'm a computer engineer from Sammamish, Washington. During the day, I work for Microsoft, dealing with Cryptography and encryption. I am also an avid reader and published author of 4 books. Creating miniature books is one of my main hobbies and I've been doing it for quite a while. I create the books for my own collection, and occasionally create custom books when people ask me to. I also like to send the authors of the books I make a copy of theirs as a sign of respect and in gratitude for sharing their wisdom with the world.

About the process

To create the books, I obtain the original text by downloading it from the Gutenberg project or scanning and OCRing one of my original books. I then use a program that I wrote to lay out the text in a very small font (usually 1.5 point) and print it double-sided using a high resolution laser printer. I cut the paper to size using a specialized guillottine that I built for this. I bind the book using high-perf adhesive and trim further if required. I then scan the original cover and edit it with an image editor to the right size and proportion. I print the cover on photo paper, fold and glue it to the book. Sometimes I also drill a hole into the book using a Dremel tool to connect a pinch-bail and chain to it. For some books, I create the cover from metal sheets and pieces of leather. Below, you can see a YouTube video that shows the entire process.

About the collection

I love books, and my personal library has several thousands of them. My mini books collection is similar in range and scope. I have created many classics like Moby Dick, Around the world in80 days and Much Ado About Nothing. I also made contemporary books like the Hunger Games trilogy and Game of Thrones. I'm also a geek, so the Hitchhikers Guide to theGalaxy got a mini version too, as well as some famous comics like Superman and Spiderman. Along the way I came up with some specialty items like an Atlas, the Guinness book of records and Ripley's Believe it or not books. One of my favorites is a miniature Pop-up book based on Mr Daydream by RogerHargreaves, which is the smallest pop-up book in the world. I create new items every week - check them out in the gallery!

About copyrights

Isn't this stuff copyrighted?

This question comes up a lot. YES, books and their cover artwork are all copyright material, which is why I don't sell my books and only make them as individual art pieces for my personal collection (a.k.a "Personal Use"). With myself being a published author of not only books, but several other forms of art, I'm very diligent about copyrights and proper compensation for content creators. For example, not only do I own the originals of each of my books, but also when the original author of one of them is still alive, I often send them a copy of the mini-book as a token of gratitude for enriching our world with their writings.

Tiny Books!